Established in 1999, our company specializes in conveyor belts and related products such as rollers, drums, roller stations, fasteners, cold splicing materials, belt sidewalls, vulcanizing presses etc. Our expert in belt splicing staff , with over 16 years of experience, collaborates with the largest Greek companies, being able to splice belts with textile polyester/polyamide carcass (EP) as well as steel cord carcass (ST), along with special application belts including cleated belts with sidewalls, heat resistant belts, pipe conveyor belts, belts with fabric or steel breaker.

Maintaining our successful course into the new millennium we remained the market leader in the face of the crisis in Greece. Since the beginning of 2013, with a view to upgrade and evolve our company, the Automations department was established. Manned and fully organized by 2014 it is already making an impact in the sector market.

Today, combining 25 years of experience in conveyor belts from Nikolaos Lazos with 15 years of experience in automations from Lambros Nakis, we provide you with a reliable and cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.