Rollers and Drums are the most important components in a conveyor belts assembly. When you utilize the proper parts according to specifications you can be sure that the belt conveyor will operate as designed. Precisely engineered rollers and drums, both in terms of materials and quality of manufacturing, guarantee a long belt life and optimum performance. Basic roller types:

  • Upper Rollers
  • Return rollers
  • Impact Rollers
  • Return rollers with rubber rings
  • Return rollers with spiral rubber rings
  • Training idlers
  • Roller garlands
  • Driver pulleys with/without rubber lining
  • Return pulley with/without rubber lining

Also important to the smooth operation of the conveyor is the appropriate station on which the rollers sit. OPTIMISE S.A. can supply any type of roller, drum or roller stations as per your requirements and needs.

ROLLERS - Technical data sheet - PDF
DRUMS - Technical data sheet - PDF
ROLLER STATIONS - Technical data sheet - PDF